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EPIC Tertiary Library subscription options

The EPIC subscription options available to tertiary libraries are provided on this page. Options are listed by vendor and direct links to subscription pricing options are also included.

(To access the subscription pricing options links you will require a Tertiary Library Members Only login. If you are an employee responsible for e-resource purchasing of a New Zealand tertiary library you can request a login by emailing epic@epic.org.nz )

Please also refer to the EPIC subscription guide for an explanation of the information provided on the subscription pricing options pages.


National Package Options

Australia New Zealand Reference Centre Plus - upgrade

Available to EPIC member tertiary libraries that currently subscribe to a package which includes Australia New Zealand Reference Centre (see National Package options below). Members can upgrade their package to include Australia New Zealand Reference Centre Plus. The upgrade price will be charged in addition to the package option price.)

Stacks (new option in 2018)

Flipster Digital Magazines (new option in 2018)

EBSCO subscription pricing options (login required)

Gale Cengage

EPIC National package; including:

Gale Cengage subscription pricing options (login required)

Please note that Gale Cengage are no longer offering individual database subscriptions through EPIC. Please contact Gale Cengage directly if you would like to renew an individual database subscription that you subscribed to through EPIC in 2017-2018.

Kowhai Media (New Zealand Geographic)

All NZ Geo subscriptions in 2018-2019 include FREE access to NZGeo VR

New Zealand Geographic Bundle; including:

  • NZGeo Archive
  • NZGeo TV 

Individual subscription options to the following:

Kowhai Media subscription pricing options (login required)

Oxford University Press

Package Option 1; including:

Package Option 2; including:

Subscription pricing options (login required)

Individual subscription options to the following:

Subscription pricing options (login required)

All Oxford University Press subscription pricing options (login required)


Subscription options include:

ProQuest subscription pricing options EPIC (non-university) tertiary libraries (login required)

ProQuest subscription pricing options EPIC university libraries (login required)

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Britannica's EPIC subscription page - links to further information about all the Britannica subscription options available through EPIC

Subscription options include:

All Encyclopaedia Britannica subscription pricing options (login required)

Co Info

Subscription options include:

All Co Info subscription pricing options (login required)


Subscription options include:

All Bookery subscription pricing options (login required)

RMIT Publishing

Subscription options (for non-university tertiary libraries) include:

All RMIT subscription pricing options EPIC non-university tertiary libraries (login required)

American Library Association

RDA Toolkit

American Library Association (RDA Toolkit) subscription pricing options (login required)

Infobase Learning 

Subscription options include:

All Infobase Learning subscription pricing options (login required)

Bridget Williams Books

All BWB Collections; including:

  • Treaty of Waitangi Collection
  • BWB Texts Collection
  • Critical Issues Collection
  • New Zealand History Collection
  • New Zealand Sign Language Collection 
  • Women's Studies Collection 

Subscription pricing options (login required)

Individual subscription options include:

Bridget Williams Books subscription pricing options (login required)

Triton AV (Naxos) 

Subscription options include:

Triton AV (Naxos) subscription pricing options (login required)

IGI Global 

IGI Global EPIC brochure

Subscription options include:

IGI Global subscription pricing options (login required)

Healthy Life Media 

Subscription option:

Healthy Life Media subscription pricing options (login required)


Subscription options include:

Bloomsbury subscription pricing options (login required)


Subscription options include:

NewsBank subscription pricing options (login required)

Cambridge University Press 

Subscription option:

Cambridge University Press subscription pricing options (login required)

Credo Reference 

Subscription option:

Credo Reference subscription pricing options (login required)